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Sunday, July 03, 2011

As it happens, Lisa and I aren't the only ones who discuss detailed criminal cases just before going to bed. Amelie's favourite book at the moment is 'What the Ladybird Heard', a complex crime thriller for the under-fives, in which a couple of cat burglars attempt to diversify their business by stealing a cow. It's basically Ocean's Eleven on a farm. And if you haven't read it to Amelie at least twice by 7pm, she refuses to go to bed.

So there I was on the sofa last night, wondering how Hefty Hugh and Lanky Len might give me an insight into the Casey Anthony case, and I reached the point in the story when the fat red hen starts baa-ing like a sheep in the middle of the night. Whereupon Amelie pointed at the bad man on the right in this picture...

What the Ladybird Heard
... and asked me who it was. Naturally, as a literary expert with my finger on the crime fiction pulse, I told her it was Lanky Len. So she pointed at the chap on the left and said "That one looks like you."

I said "Hugh?"

She said "No, YOU, Daddy."

And they say kids don't respect their elders any more. Still, I was right about it giving me an insight into the Casey Anthony case. I'm beginning to know how she felt.


DAve said...

You're not growing your moustache again, are you?