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Friday, July 15, 2011

With Lisa feeling so down in the mouth and disinclined to be chatty, bedtime stories have been at a premium this week. It's not easy saying "They all lived happily ever after" when there's blood and pus coming out of your mouth. But fortunately the lack of an experienced storyteller hasn't really mattered. When Lisa's not available to tell her What the Ladybird Heard, Amelie just reads it to herself...

She's had that book for less than a month, so she's not doing badly. It took her six weeks to learn to read The Gruffalo. That was back in February though, so she's a lot older and more mature now. Let's face it, she's two and three-quarters. Of course she can learn a book in a month. Although the Book Trust says she should be three before she even shows an interest.

Anyway, must dash. We're due back at the dentist in twenty minutes for the next phase of Operation Lisa, after which we're retreating to St Leonards for the weekend for some rest and relaxation. It's Lisa's convalescent home, and my fast food joint.