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Friday, July 22, 2011

Big Sis got back from Malta on Wednesday, and at 10:43pm last night I received this text message from her:

"I am currently eating birthday cake made by the woman who made the recent royal wedding cake and went to the royal wedding!"

Speaking as someone who only goes to Greggs on a special occasion, I'm quite envious of Sis's new life as a globe-trotting, celeb-spotting party girl. She's like Tara Palmer-Tomkinson, but with cake instead of crack. I might set her up as my fudge mule and start a supply line of doggy bags across Europe.

Back here in the real world, however, we're making a return visit to Lisa's dentist this afternoon. When we went a week ago, they were slightly hamstrung by Lisa's pregnancy, and were unable to take x-rays or give her the strong dose of antibiotics they would have preferred. This time at least there'll be no restrictions to the treatment she can receive. As silver linings go, it's more stainless steel than precious metal, but I suppose it's something.


Dave said...

Someone who turns up at airports and realises she's left her suitcase behind is probably not the best person to rely upon to bring doggy bags home.