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Wednesday, July 06, 2011

It's nice to know that despite 99% of Americans being convinced that Casey Anthony dunnit, the jury have seen sense and come around to my way of thinking. Sensationally, the woman was found not guilty last night. So it was probably Ryan Giggs after all.

Lisa's reacted to the verdict with all the calm and collection of a TV professional, while I'm just reassured that justice has been done. Casey almost certainly did it. Which means there was reasonable doubt.

But death and suffering aside, the good thing about the recent warm weather is that it gives you a chance to get out there on the lawns of your estate, relax in the sunshine and soak up a few rays. All you need is a blanket, three cans of Fosters, and... um...

Beer 'n' Bottle
... a baby's bottle. It's parenting for the 21st century. The child's just out of shot, rolling down the hill towards the road. Which is probably what happened to Caylee Anthony.

Continuing the theme of desperate parenting, Lisa and I are still testing the temperature of the pregnancy waters by using the DuoFertility monitor every day, but having spent five hundred quid on the thing, it seems there might have been a cheaper alternative. According to the BBC, we could have just spent 99p on some dental floss.


Phil's Mum said...

Hard to know what to say to any of that!

So I'll just mention that we visited your favourite restaurant yesterday and your favourite aunt spotted a snail trail on the floor!

Phil said...

I expect it was the fastest moving thing there.

Dave said...

It may have been one of the dishes.