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Saturday, July 02, 2011

If there's one thing I like to do to relax and unwind at the start of the weekend, it's to kick back on the sofa with my wife and my laptop, reach for a mug of hot chocolate, and discuss the finer points of a child murder case. Lisa and I were up until midnight last night debating the evidence in the Casey Anthony trial. It was like Twelve Angry Men, but with one angry woman and me.

The Casey Anthony murder case is currently gripping America with the kind of vice-like stranglehold you really only see when Amelie picks up Chloe from the sofa, but quite honestly, if it wasn't for the fact that Lisa knows a lot of Yanks on Facebook, I'd never have heard of it. The British media seem to be ignoring the case to such an extent, you'd think the murderer was Ryan Giggs.

Fortunately, however, we live in an age when your access to information is limited only by your ability to type words into Google, so having stumbled across the case on Facebook, we spent two minutes on a search engine, and were soon enjoying this documentary online. We followed that up with a few YouTube films, and before you knew it, we were attempting to solve the case without leaving the sofa.

Well, I say 'we'. To be honest, Lisa's so convinced the woman's guilty, she'd charge up the electric chair herself, but personally I fancy myself as a bit of a Henry Fonda, so I spent a couple of hours last night calmly presenting the opposing view, and picking holes in the prosecution's evidence. Which isn't easy when the accused is a proven liar, thief and general fruit loop. Frankly, the way she behaves, you'd think Casey was short for Nutcasey.

But with the impartiality of an X Factor judge, I managed to wade through the evidence, see both sides, and oppose Lisa's arguments with intelligent and plausible counter-theories which could cast genuine doubt on Casey's guilt. Although by half past eleven last night, I was suggesting that her parents could be devil-worshipping serial killers making chloroform out of bamboo and secretly pimping their daughter as a prostitute. Which was when Lisa came close to committing a murder of her own. I've never seen anyone so wound up by a bit of legal debate.


A Passer-by said...

The Daily Motion report sounds like an update on Amelie's toilet training.