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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sponsor Me!I sat down last night and read all twenty-three pages of the Grand Jury indictment of Jerry Sandusky. I don't think the story's really making the news in the UK (although I can't be sure, because our TV's on CBeebies all day), but it's basically OJ Simpson for the new millennium. Wikipedia has a decent page on the subject if you need a bit of background.

Having read those twenty-three pages, I'm not sure what I find more shocking: the alleged child abuse, or the number of people who appear to have known about it for the past ten years. Probably the latter. I'd also like to know if there's anyone in the history of the entire universe who has ever set up "a charity to help troubled young boys" without having some kind of ulterior motive.

Touched. Possibly inappropriately.It seems that the only way American football legends can make a name for themselves outside the US is to be accused of a heinous crime. I'd never heard of OJ Simpson until he stabbed someone in the back (mostly the fans who looked up to him), and two days ago, I didn't know of Jerry Sandusky. Although I appear to be in the minority. A lot of people not only knew him, but knew what he was up to. He even named his 2001 autobiography 'Touched: The Jerry Sandusky Story', which as hints go, is not what you'd call subtle. They could have used the same title for the indictment.

Anyhoo, amidst all of that, the good news is that Lisa's Mum is feeling a bit better today and has now returned home. She won the TV turf war yesterday afternoon, so I think she wanted to quit while she was ahead. Amelie's due to go and stay with her other grandparents tonight, so Lisa and I are heading over to Hastings this afternoon, where we plan to sample the delights of the Clambers Play Centre, before dropping her off at my Mum's. We might have cancelled Friday night, but we'll be dating for the next two days.


Phil said...

Clambers has free wi-fi and comfy sofas! This is fantastic! 8-)

On the downside, I don't know where Amelie is.

Phil's Mum said...

As she's the one you paid a fortune for in order to get her in, you don't want to let her escape!