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Friday, November 18, 2011

I think three years spent listening to her decrepit old parents moaning about their minor ailments has finally had an effect on Amelie. She walked into the kitchen this morning and said this:

"Mummy, my knees are a bit achey. Can I have a cuddle?"

Mind you, she needs a lot of reassurance at the moment, because as of two days ago, she's officially ugly. I forgot to say that The Argus announced the winners of the Cute Kids Contest on Wednesday, and sadly, Amelie didn't quite make the grade. Her category was won by a little girl called Cheska, but according to the report, the most votes were polled by the winner in the 1-2 years category, a girl called Summer (she sounds like a seasoned professional), who racked up 334 texts.

Apparently there were 14,100 votes cast in total, and 1,100 children who entered, so ignoring the Summer loving which happened so fast, I make that an average of only 12 votes per child. Frankly if we hadn't lost touch with Lisa's father's side of the family, we could have won this thing.

But on the subject of things I've forgotten to say, I went for a little walk in Crawley at lunchtime yesterday, and discovered a new Indian Takeaway called Argy Bhaji. It's shop names like that which make my life worth living. I wanted to take a photo, but tragically, it's positioned right next door to a sex shop (that wasn't why I was in the area, I swear), and I was terrified that a customer would emerge just as I pressed the shutter release button, and I'd end up being accused of trying to take pictures of porn purchasers. So I didn't dare get out my camera.

But fortunately, I've found a photo online...

Argy Bhaji
That's Xes Desire on the right. It's for people who are a bit backwards about sex. At least in terms of the spelling.


Phil's Mum said...

Is that the Argy Bhaji restaurant from Eastenders?  But you wouldn't know anything about that!

A Passer-by said...

Amelie ugly?!   Aaahh!!  How could you write such a thing?  I'm sure her grandparents and lots of other people don't agree.   Anway, you can't base your opinions on what you read in the newspapers!

Lisa said...

No wonder Amelie's knees were aching, she was up and down all night. I wasn't feeling so good myself. 

Phil said...

I wouldn't. Is it next door to a sex shop?