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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Amelie asked me yesterday what bears like to eat and drink. At the time, I said fresh fish and water, but that was before I saw this video...

Judging by the way that one's camping it up, I'd say it's probably sushi and a pina colada.

But gay bears aside, I signed up for an NHSmail account today, which is a high security, encrypted e-mail system which allows healthcare professionals to gossip about patients without it ending up in the tabloids. I don't actually have anything exciting to say about it (except that it allows me to send free text messages, which is going to be hard to resist), but having been accepted onto the system, it presented me with this picture...

I love that logo almost as much as I love the camp waving bear. If anyone deserves a better pension, it's the graphic designer who produced it.

But in the meantime, my favourite patient of the day was a foreign chap who I screened exactly twelve months ago. I only know that from the computer records, but he knew it from memory alone. He walked into the room with the words "Me again!", and within five minutes was asking me if I thought his English had improved in the year since we last met. I didn't like to tell him that I can barely recall a patient's face ten minutes after giving them the eye drops, never mind judging the progress of their language skills over a twelve month period. So rather than risk hurting the man's feelings by admitting that I didn't know him from Adam, I simply smiled, shrugged, and pretended I couldn't understand a bloody word he said.


A Passer-by said...

<span>What with asking what tigers eat and drink, and now bears, and she took a dog for a walk yesterday, I reckon Amelie's aiming to be head Keeper at Regent's Park Zoo, London</span>

A Passer-by said...

Here's the person who deserves a better pension:
But why?

Phil said...

Did they design your Christmas cards this year?

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