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Thursday, December 08, 2011

We received our first Christmas card of 2011 yesterday (apart from the ones we got in January, obviously). Now, I'm not saying that Royal Mail has problems, employs illiterates, and provides marginally worse service than an overloaded donkey with arthritis. I'm really not saying that. But when our daily delivery arrived promptly at lunchtime yesterday, this was amongst it:

Emergency Ward
Our name isn't Ward, we don't live in Chatburn Close, I've not heard of Great Harwood, and we've never been to Blackburn. But apart from that, there's every chance it could be us.

Interestingly, it was posted in Lancashire, which - and correct me if I'm wrong here - is where Blackburn is situated. And yet, when confronted with an envelope without a postcode, the staff down the road at the South Lakes sorting office thought it more likely to be destined for Brighton. A simple mistake, which could possibly have been avoided by handing it to someone who can read. Presumably no such person was available. They probably saw the name 'Ward', thought of 'hospital', and forwarded it straight to me.

Fortunately I've taken on a bit of unpaid voluntary work this Christmas, done Royal Mail's job for them, and entered the address into Google. The postcode should be BB6 7TL, and the house in question looks like this:

11 Chatburn Close
They've even left the front door open. I expect they're looking out for the postman.


Phil's Mum said...

I've never seen a house as posh as that in Blackburn.  Are you sure you've got the right address?

Phil's Mum said...

On the bright side, the card had a 2nd class stamp and only took one day to get to you!  Thats quite impressive!   (I knew it wasn't worth sending anything 1st class)

A Passer-by said...

Perhaps someone at that Post Office remembered you from your holiday in Blackpool!

Dave said...

I <span> hope my card's arrived by now.  I sent it to Shotley Gate.</span>

Phil's Mum said...

That gives it a good chance then, Dave.