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Friday, December 23, 2011

I mentioned two weeks ago that Lisa's mother was riding a wave of good fortune all the way to an offshore account in Millionaire's Row. And I wasn't wrong. It's just a shame I've knocked her off before she got there.

As it happens, my mother-in-law matched four numbers on the lottery on Wednesday night, netting her £85. Which is £75 more than I've ever won. So buoyed by her success, convinced of her lucky streak, and with some considerable cash to flash, she phoned us up at noon yesterday on the offchance that I might have popped home for lunch. I hadn't. If I had, she'd have asked me to invest some of her winnings on a horse.

The horse she wanted to back was Sycho Fred, running in the 1:20 race at Sedgefield. She was attracted to the name because she'd just been to visit Lisa's uncle. I was in Mile Oak at the time, with an NHS computer that doesn't allow access to betting sites. Lisa was at home, but with no idea how to operate my Betfair account. And Amelie's too young to gamble. So Lisa told her we couldn't help.

As a result, she didn't put the bet on. And the wave of good fortune came crashing down around her. Sycho Fred won at odds of 40-1. I could have got 50-1 on the internet. Frankly I'd have made more money if I'd taken a day's unpaid leave and gone down the bookies.

But on a brighter note, I popped around there after work this afternoon to commiserate with my mother-in-law, offer my apologies, and ask to borrow a fiver, and she gave me a copy of yesterday's Argus. It featured a review of the Numberjacks show we saw on Sunday. I'm not sure what took them so long - I published mine on Monday and I'm not even being paid. But it's nice to see they agree with me...

I said "a cross between a ninja and a serial killer". They said the Milk Tray man in a gimp mask. It amounts to the same thing.


Dave said...

Your review had more class.

Phil's Mum said...

Presumably your mother-in-law still has her original winnings though. Its not as bad as putting it on the horse and losing it!

Phil said...

True, but £85 at 40-1 is at least a SQUILLION pounds, and I could have persuaded her to give most of it to me, so there's very little upside to this story.

Anonymous said...

I think a squillion quid would spoil you. There, thats the upside!