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Friday, December 09, 2011

I took the morning off work yesterday to go Christmas shopping. Unfortunately, with the weather the way it was, my money wasn't the only thing in danger of being blown to kingdom come. There was also every chance I'd end up in Oz with a house on my head. So I decided against a whirlwind of Christmas shopping, and instead took Amelie to playgroup.

To be honest, I didn't really need to buy any gifts anyway. I got most of Amelie's presents during my lunch break in Haywards Heath on Wednesday. In just one sweep of the high street, I bought:

  • A Next skirt
  • A cuddly elephant
  • A cuddly antelope in a dress (no, really)
  • A furry Christmas stocking with built-in reindeer
  • The Very Hungry Caterpillar Giant Floor Puzzle
  • Buckaroo

I'm particularly excited about that last one. Amelie won't get a look in on Christmas Day.

Anyhoo, the six items above cost me a grand total of £6.45. That's about a quarter to heaven. You've gotta love charity shops. When you add to that the big cuddly Garfield I bought for a quid a couple of weeks ago, I've basically got Amelie's Christmas sorted for well under a tenner.

Or I would have done if Lisa would let me. Despite having saved us a fortune by picking up some genuine bargains (some of which don't even need cleaning), Lisa's insisting that it would be morally wrong for me to spend so little on my daughter at Christmas. I think it's because her Mum's given us twenty quid to get Amelie something nice, and she's worried we'll end up in profit.

So I may be forced to head back to the shops for something more expensive. And having spent yesterday morning with Amelie at playgroup, I think she might want a few dressing-up outfits...

Dr Amelie MD
That's Dr Amelie flouting the NHS infection control rules by wearing a long-sleeved jacket. The blur in the background is Snow White running for the alcohol hand gel. Oh, and I admit it - I gave her the 99p elephant three weeks early.

Having practised a few of her old knock-knock jokes, we then moved on from doctors to princesses...

My Little Princess
That's one for the royal wedding commemorative plate. But my favourite was the cat costume...

I'm not sure what's going on with her front paw. Either she's lost a claw in a cat-fight, or she's hoping to join the Masons.


Phil's Mum said...

She's crossing her fingers that you'll get the photo right.
And I suppose you won't be wanting to play 'Hungry Dinos' (the cheap version of 'Hungry Hippos') on Christmas Day then.

Phil said...

Hmmm... so it's either second-hand charity shop gifts or cheap rip-offs for Amelie this Christmas, is it? She's a lucky girl...