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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Anyone who watched yesterday's video review of 'Come Dine With Me' featuring The Terminator, will have noticed Amelie's impression of Princess Diana at the end. She saves it for those odd occasions when Axl Rose isn't appropriate. I actually got her to sing the song three times in front of the camera, and every time, she ended the performance with a head-down, eyes-up expression of coyness.

Having seen her do it for a third time, Lisa asked Amelie if they'd taught her that at nursery as part of the actions to the song. She replied "No, I just wanted to look very pretty". You can't teach showmanship like that. She's also been known to curtsey at the end of dance routines, and then tell us to throw flowers at her feet. No, seriously. We need to get that girl on the stage.

As it happens, Amelie's showbiz career is even more crucial now, as I've all but given up my hopes of making it big in the computer games industry. Week two of my Python programming course began well, when I received a 100% score for my first mini-project from all four assessors (I think I got the pity vote), but having struggled my way through two online exams on Tuesday and Thursday, I failed to even begin the week two mini-project. It was due on Sunday, and sadly I was too busy dying.

To be honest, I was already beginning to doubt my own sanity, and wondering whether it was really worth running myself into the ground just to create a game of 'Guess the Number'. The actual course is excellent, but I'm not sure I have either the free-time or the required level of geekiness to complete it. So having taken stock of my own ignorance, I've decided to drop out of university and spend more time on the sofa. I can pay for Netflix out of my college fund, and study a different kind of programming.


Phil's Mum said...

Congratulations on your 100% score!  But I must say I agree with you - all that time and sweat and tears, if it's not going to produce an immediate fortune, is not justifiable effort for someone whose time is already committed up to the hilt (ask Lisa, Amelie and Toby). You can always start again when your kids are in college.  A wise decision!

Lisa said...

And Amelie and Toby will be able to help you with the homework. It'll be payback time.

BS6 said...

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