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Thursday, October 18, 2012

The apology's arrived!

I'll be honest, it's not quite the unreserved, grovelling, eating-humble-pie-and-wearing-sackcloth-and-ashes-whilst-holding-your-hands-up-and-admitting-your-guilt, big fat SORRY I'd hoped for. In fact it has a lot in common with their original letter, in that it clearly wasn't composed for me at all. I didn't even use a credit card. But I'm grateful for small mercies, and will be framing it nonetheless. There's every chance I'm the only person in the world who owns one.

It also means I can repay my parents, who lent me a hundred pounds in September so that I could get my car unclamped without having to starve my family or go to So with hindsight, I probably should have kept the refund a secret and pocketed the cash for myself.

In other news, Amelie was on our bed this morning, helping to mop up Toby's sick from Lisa's pillow, when she re-stated her belief that it's hard work looking after a baby. Personally I think she's got that from Lisa, who likes me to think she's slaving away like a Japanese prisoner of war all day instead of watching The Real Housewives of New Jersey, but Lisa swears she hasn't, and that our daughter's just naturally perceptive when it comes to the enormous challenges of childcare.

So having heard her say it again this morning, Lisa asked Amelie why she thinks that looking after Toby is so difficult. She thought for a moment, and said "Because you have to do everything his way". I've told her that's why marriage is so knackering too.


Phil's Mum said...

Of course looking after a 4-year-old is MUCH easier.

A Passer-By said...

A credit card receipt is all very well, but the important question is: Have you got the money in your account?

Phil said...

As of today, I have! I'm rich beyond my wildest dreams!

Poirot said...

Really pleased you got your money back Mr.and Mrs. Gardner! A triumph indeed.

Jon the Bassist said...

Brilliant! I've been working on an anagram of Ethical Parking Management since the original incident, so you could go back to them (out of pocket) but with your head held high. After just a few weeks I have come up with;-
Maniacal King Grape Teeth
Quite frankly for me, your news today is bitter sweet!!  

Phil said...

Fear not. Despite getting the refund, Lisa's Mum is still considering writing a poison pen letter to EPM to give them a piece of her mind and ensure they never cross us again, so there's every chance she can make use of your findings. That's if she hasn't used the phrase 'Maniacal King Grape Teeth' already, which to be honest is entirely possible. It sounds like the kind of thing she'd say.