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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Toby had the second of his smile-sapping vaccinations yesterday, and Amelie's a bit needling at the best of times, so after a day of highly stressful childcare, I treated Lisa to an evening of takeaway pizza last night. It gave us the chance to relax on the sofa in our onesies and discuss whether we should move to Welwyn Garden City for 39k. In the end, we decided against it. We can barely muster the energy to move from the sofa to the bedroom, so Hertfordshire's asking too much.

Instead, we settled down to watch 'Indie Game: The Movie' on Netflix. I thought it might inspire me to complete my programming course. As a general rule, Lisa's knowledge of computer games begins and ends with Pong in about 1976, although she was quite into Farmville for a while, and has been known to enjoy the odd game of Puppy Sanctuary and Mahjong. As a result, I'm not sure she was that into the film, but date nights are a two-way street, and I have to say I loved it.

Admittedly, I don't quite understand what motivates someone to give up four years of their life to work full-time on a computer game with no guarantee of any success whatsoever, but it has taught me that the phrase 'development hell' has its own Wikipedia page, which is definitely worth knowing. It describes the process of creating Toby.

I also now fully understand the motivation and philosophy behind Super Meat Boy, which is not a phrase I ever thought I'd type. On the downside, the film made me realise that I'll probably never have the right combination of intelligence, brilliance and complete madness to create a best-selling game. Especially as I'm struggling to understand Python. I've got an online exam which is due for submission this evening, and it's only half complete. I'd better crack on. With 'crack' being the operative word...