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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Having spent the past week embroiled in under-age groping allegations myself (I should probably rephrase that), I was pleased to see Freddie Starr on the news last night, making his position on paedophilia absolutely clear...

Child sexual abuse just isn't his style, and whilst others might feel quite loving towards paedophiles, Freddie simply can't stand them. Which seems a bit judgemental to me. Still, it's nice for him to clarify his position in public. Whilst standing next to his fiancée who's 35 years his junior.

On the subject of sex and children, Lisa finally had her contraceptive implant fitted yesterday. The surgery had made her an appointment for 5:30pm, which was good timing, because it gave me a chance to get back across the city from Hove Crown Court in time to pick up Amelie from nursery, and get home to look after Toby before Lisa had to leave at ten past five.

Unfortunately the doctor phoned a couple of days ago to say that she was changing the appointment to 5 o'clock because she didn't want to work any later. I know how she feels. It's an inconvenience, and means you might end up missing The Simpsons. As a result, we had to get Lisa's Mum over to mind the baby for half an hour, while I rushed back from court to get Amelie, Lisa got the bus to the surgery, and I then drove my mother-in-law home.

It was all worth it though. Or it would have been if the doctor had actually called Lisa in at 5pm. Unfortunately they kept her waiting for forty minutes, making the whole operation a waste of faffing time.

But the good news is that Lisa's now implanted. She came home with a Mr Bump bandage on her arm, and this plastic card which she has to keep about her person at all times for the next three years...

It's in case she gets hit by a bus, and the paramedics mistake her implant for a bit of shrapnel. The consequences could be disastrous. The moment they whip it out, and I catch sight of Lisa looking sexy on the emergency ward in a green surgery gown, we could have a third child on our hands.


Phil's Mum said...

I thought you'd LOVE to have a 3rd child.  It's just the rest of us that couldn't cope!