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Monday, October 22, 2012

I had an e-mail over the weekend from this chap. I thought for a moment he was going to pass on some confidential information about hedge funds and allow me to do some insider trading, but as it turned out, he's just a closet Senators fan, and wanted to thank me for my website. It's a shame he waited until now though. If he'd e-mailed me ten years earlier, he could have got in before Lisa, and I'd now be living in New York instead of Brighton, with a portfolio of shares instead of kids.

Admittedly, if I was occupying Wall Street, I wouldn't be able to watch The Great British Bake Off...

... but I'd probably be a lot thinner. I also wouldn't need to spend my time mediating in The Great Brighton Quilt Off...

That's Chloe wandering lonely as a cloud past Lisa's wooden leg, and straying onto Toby's patch. It's nine months now since she was given two days to live, and she's still refusing to curl up and die. She's quite keen on the curling up bit though. Frankly we can't get her off that quilt. She's spending more time on it than 'C' did.


Peter Chapman said...

I forgot that you had Cats.

Phil's Mum said...

Phil forgets that too, Peter.  One is so quiet and the other is mostly absent.  But its not surprising Chloe is impressed by the quilt.  She always did have good taste.

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