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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

After five days pigging out on the sofa, it's time to wave goodbye to St Leonards...

... while we've still got the strength to lift our bingo wings.

If my new year's resolution is to land the lead role in the film of Giant Haystacks' life, then I've made a very promising start. But I'm slightly concerned that if I stay any longer, I'll be too fat to waddle into work, and might have to borrow Lisa's mobility scooter.

So we're heading home this afternoon. But while some of us are carrying a bit of timber in the form of too much chocolate yule log, the good news is that there's one area of my life which has been considerably lightened. Namely, my wallet. My car had its annual service in Eastbourne yesterday, and apparently a lot of my bushes had perished. So I think there's been some kind of famine. I also needed a new roll bar, which was surprising as I didn't know I had the old one.

By the time I left the garage, my wallet was a great deal slimmer than I am, but on the plus side, Toby left a lot of hand prints on the brand new Skoda Superbs in the showroom, so they'll be spending most of my money on cleaning.

In addition to that, I also lost a lot of weight off my shoulders yesterday by finally managing to sit down and write a 2,000-word conference report that I'd promised to do six weeks ago. Although the conference in question was slightly longer ago than that. Fortunately I have a good memory.

Anyhoo, five days is just long enough for Lisa and I to turn my parents' spare bedroom into a scene from 'The Hoarder Next Door', so I need to get packing. It's New Year's Eve, so naturally we have big plans for this evening. We'll be seeing in the new year with a range of food and drink, and a very close friend. Yes, that's right, we've got the Asda delivery man coming round.

I hope.


Phil's Mum said...

As all my family do, you managed to leave something behind, but this can't be put in the post, so I will deliver her tomorrow - about 4.00?