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Monday, December 09, 2013

As it transpired, I felt a lot better yesterday, and by the evening was back to full health, so I'm ruling out cholera in favour of one of those lovely, well-timed illnesses which ruins your weekend, but leaves you perfectly fit for work on Monday morning.

Unfortunately, not all members of my family are enjoying the same state of rude health. Amelie was up for part of Saturday night with terrible earache (I blame that swimming pool), Toby's had a temperature, and the kids have both been coughing. Even Lisa, who's usually more disease-resistant than a genetically modified plant, has woken up today with a sore throat.

But sadly, the more serious situation is with Chloe. After twelve years, two house moves and a few front pages, I think today will be her last day by my side. It appears that she had a stroke on Saturday, and this one was even more damaging than the ones she gets from Toby. By yesterday morning she'd stopped eating, and was only able to walk clockwise on legs which kept giving way.

Our veterinary practice doubles as the emergency vet for Brighton, so they're open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I phoned them at 9am yesterday to ask for advice, and they said they could see her on Sunday, but I'd have to pay their out-of-hours consultation fee. Which is £73 plus VAT. I think Dignitas charge less.

With 'treatment', I was looking at a bill of £100-plus, which is money I don't have, so I took the difficult (and possibly heartless) decision to wait until today. I have an appointment at 5:40pm, although I'm writing this thirty miles away in Crowborough, so I hope my last patient's not late.

When I left for work this morning, Chloe was weak and disorientated, but apparently comfortable. I wouldn't expect that a vet could do much, but even if they said they could, I think I'd say no. She's almost twenty years old, has had a more exciting life than I have, and I think she deserves a rest.


Captain Fargon said...

Aww, that's sad, bye Chloe. I loved hearing your stories and brushes with fame. Rest peacefully...

Andrew, Stefan, Rozi and Zita said...

Chloe you will always be a superstar!!!
Thinking of you and re-reading the articles about your fame!
XXX Andrew, Stefan, Rozi and Zita
(and R+Z thank you for being so patient with us as kittens!)

Jon the Bassist said...

She's a star. x

Big Sis said...

Even though she was a cat that hissed when her owner was out of sight, this was very, very sad news. Poor lil' Chlo Chlo.

Big Sis xx

David East said...

I think I feel this news more deeply than I did last week when I heard Mandela had died. So sorry Phil.

Phil's Mum said...

Chloe was NEARLY as famous as Nelson Mandela, but I don't think she'll be having international celebrities at her funeral.

Zed said...

I'm sorry too. Love to you all xxx