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Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Lisa and I are due at Amelie's school in half an hour for our first ever parents' evening. We've been given ten minutes to grill - and be grilled by - her teacher, so Lisa's preparing a list of questions and I'm wondering what we can use as a bribe.

But while Lisa fits a hidden camera into a ten-gallon hat, and mikes herself up in case of trouble, I feel I should write the final brief chapter in our long-running Asda saga.

Keen shoppers will remember that we left the story last week with our groceries delivered and a promise from Asda to refund half our bill. Well the good news is that they did a lot better than that. I checked my credit card account on Thursday to discover that they'd refunded the total cost of our shopping.

That's the good news. The bad news is that I then checked my debit card account to find that they still hadn't refunded the cost of the original, undelivered, and subsequently cancelled order. So although I wasn't down on the deal, I wasn't actually up either.

I waited another day, but when the money still hadn't appeared on Friday, I rang India for (if you're counting) the 10th time in eight days. The nice lady on the phone checked my account and assured me that Asda had never actually taken that money, they'd only 'reserved' it. Apparently when they authorise your card, that money is ring-fenced but not taken, and there can be a delay before the funds are released back to your account.

She suggested that if there's a problem, then it's my bank which is at fault, not Asda, although as I don't bank with RBS, that didn't seem very likely. I did nothing until Monday of this week, but when I still wasn't in receipt of my money by mid-afternoon, I phoned the debit card hotline. They seemed to suggest that it might be Asda's fault that the funds were still marked as reserved, so I've no idea what the truth is, but ultimately it didn't matter. They were able to release them for me, and when I checked my account yesterday, the money had been returned.

So all's well that ends well, and I'm happy with the outcome. Although when it came to getting the shopping this weekend, I drove down to the marina in person.


Phil's Mum said...

Well, it restores one's faith in human nature - I think!

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