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Sunday, December 29, 2013

I think it's the hard-drinking, party animal lifestyle which is stopping us all from sleeping...

That and the late-night quizzing. But despite Toby staggering around in bear feet with a bottle in his hand, we had a much better night last night. Possibly because we were so exhausted that not even a toddler with a pneumatic drill could have kept us awake for long.

In hindsight, we probably shouldn't have given him that drill, but health and safety aside, yesterday was a good day. After 48 hours with the 24-hour party people, Big Sis and her boyfriend flew out to Australia yesterday morning (that's not the good bit), which left the country a little less crowded, and gave the rest of us a bit of space to enjoy ourselves. So with the whole of Sussex as our oyster, I decided to take Amelie to the nearest branch of Asda for an argument.

I'm not sure if it was the lack of sleep, the lack of discipline, or just an overwhelming desire to annoy her father, but we almost came to blows in the lightbulb aisle, and I had to eat three mini doughnuts just to calm myself down. Fortunately we made it back in one piece, which was surprising as I was technically too tired to drive, and felt like closing my eyes on the straight bits, but having made up with Amelie, who admitted no responsibility for her actions and then asked for a cupcake, I decided not to learn from my mistakes, and offered to take her out again.

So as the afternoon wore on, Lisa, Amelie and I piled into my brother's car for a trip into Hastings town centre. It was a profitable outing, as I was able to pick up a few essentials in the post-Christmas sales, most notably this hair band for Amelie...

It's a hair band in a very literal sense, as it has extensions sprouting from the bows, to give the wearer a kind of sophisticated, upper class look previously only available to people like Toni Basil in the 'Hey Mickey' video.

Interestingly, however, that wasn't the most unexpected thing I saw in a shop yesterday. I also saw David Quantick. At least I think I did. I was in the Hastings branch of Marks & Spencer's, trying to prise Amelie away from the jewellery section, when a man walked past, pushing a buggy with a small child. My immediate thought was "Blimey, he looks a lot like David Quantick", at which point he spoke to a woman nearby, and I thought "Blimey, he sounds like David Quantick too".

Obviously my brain was telling me that the chances of a 52-year-old rock journalist walking through M&S in a dying seaside town three days after Christmas with a baby in a buggy, when he really should be at home writing the next series of TV Burp, were remote to say the least. So I instantly dismissed it as a possibility. At which point Lisa ran up to me from the ladies' slipper section and said "Hey look! Isn't that whatsisname?!!"

So I'm taking that as official confirmation. On my list of celebrity encounters, it's a case of David Quan:tick.


Phil's Mum said...

I probably could have told you David Quantick lived in Hastings if I'd ever even heard of him.