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Sunday, February 13, 2005

It was kinda sad to hear of the death of Arthur Miller yesterday (well, as sad as it ever is when an 89 year old man dies). I've always been a bit of a fan. Not least because he looks like the symbol which appears on my VCR display when I put a tape in...

VCR Display........Arthur Miller

... but also because (as mentioned here) he was very nearly responsible for me writing a play about a singing shark.

Fortunately his death has received the reverent coverage it deserved. The Independent gave the story the front page treatment with a photo, an obituary, and the headline:


... while The Sun went with...

Monroe Ex Dies

... and a couple of paragraphs about breasts.

It must be reassuring to know that as the greatest playwright of the twentieth century, people will still only remember you for marrying a cheap blonde.

Anyhoo, yesterday evening was a turning point in my life. After years of resisting the temptation, I finally bowed to public pressure (I blame my father) and joined Ebay. It's definitely a bad idea. I've always avoided the place on the grounds that once I join and start browsing, I'll immediately find numerous items which I never knew I needed but suddenly can't do without, and I'll be filing for bankruptcy within the week.

But obviously the item I've bid for is a bargain, and I really DO need it. I won't reveal what it is (it's a dog-eat-dog world and I don't trust the readers of my blog not to outbid me), but I'm currently top of the tree with a whopping bid of £5.05.

Only trouble is, I'm due to be on the M1 heading towards Yorkshire when the auction ends, so I can sense a last minute disappointment here...