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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Well, Lisa may not have got a balloon when she went to the dentist yesterday, but we did get a free flag last night...


... and I'm not too proud to have waved it in public.

Yes, that's right, Lisa and I went to see the X Factor Live at the Brighton Centre last night, in another attempt to prove that we have no credibility whatsoever. I'd like to claim that we won the tickets in a competition, rather than admitting we paid good money to attend such an event, but sadly we're not above forking out £22 a time for the chance to see G4. But on the bright side, we're balancing it out by going to see Paul Weller in two weeks time, so we're not complete lost causes.

Anyhoo, despite Lisa's encouragement, I decided not to spend the afternoon making an "I Love 2 to Go" banner, meaning I was slightly shown up by the eight year old boy across the aisle from us who was armed with his fluorescent "Tabby's #1 Fan" sign. Not that I want to give the impression that Lisa and I were attending an event aimed at the under tens. Though I will say that the good thing about having lots of children at a pop concert is that you get a good view.

The concert featured all nine finalists from the TV show, but having warmed up gradually over the first half, the evening hit an unexpected high just before the interval, with the surprise appearance of Robert Unwin...

Pick-a-Chick ... yes, that Robert Unwin.

The man from Pick-a-Chick strode onto the stage and gave us his own unique interpretation of 'Barbie Girl' and 'Tragedy'. It was the undoubted highlight of the night, and I'm sure the nine stars will have been thrilled to see that the only person who really got the crowd going all night was the guy from the chicken factory who didn't make it past the first audition.

But anyway, it was a strangely enjoyable night. Despite the fact that I was the only 2 to Go fan in the building. I even found myself liking Tabby for the first time. And dancing a bit to Steve. Though Lisa kept distracting me by suggesting I audition for the next series by dressing as a Teletubby and singing opera.

Well I'd better be off now. I've shamelessly ignored my Mum's advice about driving home in the daylight to avoid the bad weather, but I can't stay here all day. I think I'll hang on in Brighton just long enough to throw a snowball at Lisa at 4:30pm, but then I really ought to be off home.