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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

I know it's the summer holidays, but are Royal Mail really allowed to let their postmen do three day weeks? I had no post on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday of last week, and I've had no post at all this week either. So clearly now the schools have broken up, my postie is having to stay at home with the kids for the first half of each week while his wife's out at work. I trust they're having a nice time. Just as long as they're not doodling on all my important letters. Oh, who am I kidding - I don't get important letters.

Anyhoo, here's a recent photo of me...

No really, it is me.

Well, it's my shirt anyway. Whilst shopping in Brighton town centre on Monday afternoon, I discovered that I possess an amazing skill - I can wait until Lisa disappears into the changing rooms at Oasis, calmly walk out of the shop, around the corner, up the hill, and into the Barnardos charity shop... look through the clothes, buy a shirt, walk back to Oasis, go down the stairs, and be standing outside the changing rooms a full ten seconds before Lisa emerges. Thus giving the impression that I've been a dutiful boyfriend who waited patiently for his partner, and didn't scarper the moment her back was turned.

The shirt in question was this lovely Next effort - £16.99 in the current Next Directory, but yours (well, mine) for a fiver from Barnardos. And what's more it's brand new, complete with the original Next tag, and it's in my size (which is only one small step up from medium). And needless to say, it makes me look just like the picture opposite, as you'll see by checking out the current webcam shot on my home page.

So I returned home from Brighton on Monday evening looking like a young David Beckham (I'm barely 32) but with a more talented partner.

Yesterday my Mummy & Daddy moved house, so naturally I was in the thick of it, lifting and carrying all day. Well ok, I stayed at home and wrote a thank you letter to my aunt instead. Which is what happens when the mechanic fails to get your car fixed on Monday as promised.


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