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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

I've been neglecting this blog terribly. If I carry on like this, social services will have to step in and take it into care.*

* I used that line in my very first e-mail to Lisa, in May 2003, about my Senators website. She liked it so much (the line, not the website), that she actually replied, just to say so. If she hadn't, we'd never have met a year later, and I wouldn't now be neglecting my blog in an effort to make some money so that I can move down to Brighton. Kind of ironic that.

Anyhoo, whilst trawling the adverts on Elance (a website which posts job opportunities for poor people with pens) the other day, I came across this advert.

It's an appeal for someone to write daily horoscopes. And it's posted in the 'Creative Writing' section of a freelance writers' website. Not on a site for budding astrologers. It's almost as though the horoscopes we read in newspapers and magazines are written by creative writers who make them up on the spot, and not by qualified astrologers doing serious research. But I'm sure that can't be true. And besides, my stars in TV Quick this week say that Leos shouldn't believe everything they read.

While I'm here, can I just say how much I'm enjoying this birthday present from my Mummy & Daddy. It's the second album by Hot Rod Circuit, the band I discovered seven weeks ago in a Brighton charity shop. Well ok, the band weren't actually in the shop - their first album was. Although I'm sure they do regularly shop in Oxfam, coz let's face it - it's not as if they sell any records. Except to me. But anyway, in addition to having a very atmospheric photo on the cover, it's also very good indeed. I particularly like the song which goes "The way that you looked at me, I'm lucky I'm still alive". Not that it's a feeling I can relate to, obviously. I just like the tune.