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Sunday, August 14, 2005

The tragic news of the weekend so far is that Lisa and I haven't been to see 'Overnight' yet. Despite the Duke of Yorks (delapidated Brighton picturehouse) website telling me last week that it opened on Friday 12th August, it turns out it doesn't open until the 19th. After which it runs for just seven days. Which is so obviously an attempt to stop me seeing it, as they know I only come down here on alternate weekends.

But fortunately they had reckoned without Lisa having a birthday on the 25th, meaning I'll be down here the day before (traffic jams allowing), and able to go and see the late night showing at 9pm. Hurrah! It had better be good after all this.

Anyhoo, yesterday Lisa and I made our way over to Peacehaven to spy on the residents of this block of flats. I'm hoping they might be my neighbours one day. And I'm sure the fact that in this small block of just eight flats, three of them are currently for sale, doesn't mean it's the kind of place that people are desperate to get away from. At least not until I move in.

It seemed to be the ideal location for someone like me though - partly because it's only 15 minutes from Lisa's flat, partly because it has its own garage, but mainly because it's just a one minute walk from the nearest charity shop. So if my brother wasn't currently on holiday in Cyprus, I'd be dragging him straight down the bank to arrange a mortgage.

Having taken in the delights of Peacehaven in the pouring rain, Lisa and I retired to the local Co-op, where I was persuaded (against my will, obviously) to join in on the purchase of two individual chocolate puddings in their own little glass dishes. As the world and its dog knows, I'm currently on a diet, so I insisted that to compensate for the puddings, Lisa made a Miracle Weight Loss Lasagne to eat first. Which she did. Along with two plate-loads of garlic and herb potato wedges.

I think it was about 12:15am when Lisa broke open the Milk of Magnesia. To be honest, I was slightly distracted by her constant complaining of stomach pains, so I could be wrong. I suggested she go on a 24 hour detox, but the way she asked for a chocolate biscuit with her cup of tea first thing this morning suggested that maybe she hadn't taken me seriously.

The chocolate puddings were very nice though. Three hundred calories for something the size of a fairy cake, but worth every penny.