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Monday, August 01, 2005

Well, the exciting news of the day is that I've finally spent my £5 McDonalds voucher. Having driven Lisa back down to Brighton yesterday evening (thus avoiding being amongst the 7 terrorists arrested here yesterday morning), and packed enough healthy food to last me 24 hours, we decided that my birthday really ought to extend to a third day of eating, so we headed off to the Brighton Marina branch of McDonalds instead.

Having discovered that my voucher stated that no change would be given, we ordered seven pounds worth of junk, and with much excitement I handed it over as part payment. My excitement level then dropped somewhat when the girl looked blankly at the voucher, turned back to me, and said "What is this?"

I explained that it was a McDonalds gift certificate, though I decided not to mention that I'd got it for complaining about how rubbish their restaurants are. She looked at me dubiously, then shut the drive-through window, and walked off. Which wasn't quite the reaction I'd hoped for. But on the bright side, it gave Lisa time to suggest that we should complain about them not knowing what to do with their own vouchers, and try to get another one. I'm still considering that idea.

Anyhoo, eventually the manager turned up, and after standing at the till for ages looking like he was typing his first novel, he eventually accepted the voucher and handed us our change. I really shouldn't eat so unhealthily - it's far too much trouble.

But anyway, Lisa has the day off work today, so we're making the most of it by heading into town to buy a suitcase, a loaf of bread and a packet of prunes. Which sounds like a typical Big Brother shopping list. Oooh, Lisa's ready, I'd better go...