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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Big Sis in a Small World
The End of an Era (Both Road Trip & Texan Living) – June 2007

I'm the one on the left.Well, 13,500 miles and seven weeks later and I can happily say I have now visited all the states in the US of A, plus three Canadian ones too. I ended up back in Rockwall, Texas for a quick visit to my old house, a goodbye to the yacht club which serves bacon to vegetarians, and a sad farewell to lots of friends before heading down to Houston, Texas where I said a temporary au revoir to my car.

Me and my car.During the 13,500 miles, I grew very attached to me little convertible and was particularly impressed at how it withstood driving up mountains, across boulders, thru' blizzards and protected me from bears, and so I decided it deserved to accompany me to Australia for some more fun road trips down under.

I can certainly say that US Road Trip 2007 was definitely the best holiday of my life and so here are a few highlights:

1. Five Favourite US StatesOn my way to Oz
  • California

  • Arizona

  • Montana

  • Oregon

  • Utah

2. Best Day Driving

Through the Canadian Rocky Mountains : 90 F and lots of snow and mountains = fantastic!

3. Favourite City

San Diego, CA

4. Best Road Trip Partner

I daren’t answer that one.

5. Scariest Moment

Driving 1,000 feet up the side of a Montana mountain at midnight before realising I had just created my own road.

6. Funniest Moments
  • Celebrating my 35th b’day in West Virginia with M.

  • Breaking down with a flat tyre in Rhode Island with R.

  • Driving thru’ Vermont in the middle of the night with R.

  • Arriving at J’s after getting stuck up the side of a Montana mountain.

  • Being stuck in a coach full of animal-crazed Americans driving around Denali National Park with D.

  • Wading through snow at Crater Lake, Oregon with J.

  • Various San Diego amusing times with J.