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Thursday, January 10, 2008

I went to the Jobcentre this morning for a bit of show-and-tell with my life coach. I was supposed to show her what I've been up to, and she was meant to tell me where I'm going wrong. I was quite looking forward to it because [small, understated fanfare please] I received word on Tuesday afternoon (the post's getting later and later) that I've landed a job interview for a job I'm actually very keen to get. I'd say more, but I don't want to jinx it. After all, it's superstitions like that which have made my life the roaring success it is.

So I rolled up at the office, brimming with news, only to be told by my enthusiastic lifestyle adviser that she didn't have time to check what I've done this time around because "we're very short-staffed at the moment".

Is it just me, or is that slightly baffling? Call me stupid (go on, I dare you), but I would kinda think that the one organisation who would never be short of staff would be the one who specialise in filling vacancies. After all, if they're searching for an unemployed person, they don't need to look much further than the other side of the desk. I offered to do the job myself, but she just laughed. They've never taken me seriously at that place.

Bird FlewIn other news, I had no idea that when Lisa and I were swanning around Abbotsbury in May, we were dicing with the dangers of bird flu. Thank god we changed our minds at the last moment and decided not to smuggle out an egg in Lisa's handbag. We could both be dead by now. And as for the cuddly cygnet she bought me in the gift shop, that's going straight on the fire.