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Sunday, January 27, 2008

I'd just like to say a big hello to the nice lady who chased me down the yoghurt aisle in Asda last night, shouting the words "Are you Mulled Whines?". I thought she was looking for a member of staff from the alcohol department, which is why I ignored her and headed for the toilet rolls. I can only apologise.

I finally realised something was up when she looked across at the woman loading Frazzles into my trolley, and added "You must be Lisa!". You can't argue with deductive powers like that. She had me bang to rights.

Anyhoo, I admire anyone who can recognise me from a daily webcam shot the size of a postage stamp, so kudos to you, madam. And thanks for the compliments. As for Lisa, I knew it was a good idea to write about her shortcomings on a daily basis - I've turned that girl into a local celebrity. She only has to be seen with a bald bloke buying bagels, and people instantly know who she is.

As for my new super-fan, I can't reveal the lady's identity for legal reasons, but here she is with the Prime Minister. Although funnily enough we spent more time talking about David Van Day.