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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Big in LincolnIf there's one thing I've always said, it's that I'm very popular amongst Lincolnshire caravanners. No, really. I think it's because they can identify with the size of my flat.

Well ok, to be perfectly honest, I wasn't aware of this booming popularity until about half an hour ago, when I discovered that I'm being flooded (on a very small scale) by people from Skegness, desperate to know about the joys of Shotley Gate. It turns out that the Lincolnshire Caravan Clubbers are planning a pilgrimage to Suffolk in the summer (I'm sure Margaret Beckett's got her ticket already) and in an effort to drum up a bit of business, they've published a page about the place on their website.

You can view that page here. I can also recommend the 'Chairman's Chat' section, featuring news of the "huge amount" (their words, not mine) raised for charity at the Spalding get-together. But as for the Shotley shindig, you can't expect people to book up for a holiday in a place they know nothing about, so the organisers have helpfully provided more information halfway down the page via the words 'Click Here For Related Link'.

I'd love to know how many bookings they get after people read that.