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Saturday, February 09, 2008

I was handed this leaflet at Hector's House on Thursday night...

Peice, man.
Yes, that's right, Samsara are a 6 peice band, and Mean Poppa Lean are a 5 peice. Samsara play reggea and have become a favorite, while Mean Poppa Lean are hi octace. But as for the third band (who are an 8 peice), you have to wonder how someone who can misspell 'Astro' is able to get the word 'Physics' right.

I shouldn't mock though. According to a recent medical study, I'm now the only person under 35 in the whole of the UK who isn't claiming to be dyslexic. There are a lot of afflicted people out there.

Actually, I've just looked up Atsro's MySpace page, and it says (or should that be shouts) "ASTRO-PHYSICS ARE CURRENTLY RECORDING THEIR EP WITH DOM McNULTY SO WATCH THIS SPACE!!!". Dom McNulty is the guitarist from Floors and Walls. It's a small world.

Anyhoo, despite the wealth of available work for freelance proof-readers in Brighton, I'm pressing ahead with my hospital job, and the good news is that I now have an unofficial start date. According to the paperwork I've just received, they're "working towards" March 17th. So I'll just have time to turn up and try on my uniform before heading off for the Easter weekend. Marvellous.