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Saturday, February 02, 2008

I was on TV last night. No, really. Sadly it wasn't quite the network coverage I deserve, in fact it was limited to just one TV in Hove, but everyone's got to start somewhere. As it happens, Lisa and I were over at her sister's house, en route to the Portslade branch of Sainsburys, after Lisa realised in horror that Asda don't sell Chelsea Buns. Apparently when faced with an emergency of that magnitude, it's worth driving halfway across Sussex.

But as if one mercy dash wasn't enough, we also dropped in on Lisa's sister in the hope of catching the hideous stomach bug she's currently incubating, and losing a bit of weight. So while Lisa was upstairs painting a large red cross on the bedroom door, I stayed in the living room with the nephews. I feel more at home with video games. I'm not really a disease person.

Anyhoo, as Lisa's brother-in-law demonstrated to me over a cup of tea, you can surf the internet on a Wii. He only had to sit on the sofa, waving his hands about, and my face appeared on the TV screen. I'm what widescreen was invented for. And what's more, it was so crystal clear that when he zoomed in on my website and asked his 4-year-old son "Who's that?", the boy immediately replied "Phil!". Which was a bit of a relief, as I expected him to say Igglepiggle.

CuddlecatOn the subject of websites, I spent yesterday afternoon updating my Lisa page. There's no point clicking on the link though, because I haven't published it yet. I actually spent so long deciding which cartoons to use that I didn't have time to write anything. As things stand right now, it's so full of animations, it's going to take about half an hour to load. But as I mentioned almost two years ago, Chelsea BunnyI have a free subscription to the work of the lovely Camilla Eriksson, on account of me being the most romantic person in Britain. Or something. And as she keeps renewing it for free, it would be rude of me not to plaster the page with flying pigs.