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Friday, February 22, 2008

Not everyone seems happy with my current de-cluttering...

Crate o' Cat
I think it's a sit-down protest. I keep telling her that if I want to build a ten-foot furniture tower in the bedroom, then I'm going to need to fill that crate with books, but she's not budging. I think she's still upset that I threw out my copy of 'Catwatching' by Desmond Morris.

Anyhoo, in addition to spending several hours in the bedroom marvelling at the amount of junk Lisa's managed to stuff into the bottom of my wardrobe, I also visited the library yesterday. Mainly to see if they had a copy of 'Catwatching' by Desmond Morris. But also to see a new art installation called Bridgetown to Brighton, which involves building a traditional Caribbean slave hut (or 'Chattel House') in the middle of the hardback fiction department.

The last time I wrote a review of an art installation at the library, I received a piece of hate mail accusing me of being both ill-informed (that old chestnut) and a fool. So I'm not commenting on this one. Except to say that it looks like a prefab shed from B&Q.

What makes this building far better than the Rice Pavilion of last summer, however, is the fact that its creator, artist Christina Peake, appears to be living inside it for the entire seven week run. And she's very nice. And very bored. She even offered to wrestle me on the floor in front of a Frank Bowling painting just to relieve the tedium. I actually felt quite guilty about leaving her. In fact there was something about the way she turned to me as I left and said "I'm here until the end of March" which made me feel like putting her out of her misery by beating her unconscious with a copy of 'Catwatching' by Desmond Morris.

Anyhoo, I liked Christina. And she's clearly suffering for her art. So I felt I owed it to her to find out more. As you'll see if you click on the link above, the official 'Bridgetown to Brighton' website instructs visitors to e-mail for further details on the exhibition. Personally I wouldn't recommend it. Urban Flo (who sounds like a city girl) apparently "started in the heart of Pastor Amos Olivares in Greeley, Colorado" and is, as their website puts it, "Urban at it's best! Live Music, Drama, Dancing all with a JESUS Twist!". I think the Jesus Twist is a dance.

They also talk about "entering into an atmosphere of unexpected surprises", which is understandable when you consider that for the past two weeks they've been getting e-mails about slave huts in Brighton. It's probably not what they expected.

The people you should be e-mailing are Not so much a twist of Jesus as an arts administration company. Never has a hyphen been so important.