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Friday, February 08, 2008

It's The Deal Was For The Diamond!

Diamond Geezers
When I say they'd like the chance to perform on a bigger stage, I mean it quite literally. They could have someone's eye out with those guitars.

Anyhoo, despite having already had more than enough fun for one day, I managed to force myself down the road last night to Hector's House for their regular Thursday 'It's Alive!' night. There were supposed to be three bands playing: TDWFTD, electro indie popsters The Blueskies, and the interestingly named :Kinema:. As they say on their website, "the :punctuation: is important". Especially if you want to make yourself look :stupid:.

'It's Alive!' nights don't normally come to life until 8:30pm, but I checked all three bands' MySpace sites yesterday afternoon, and :Kinema: claimed they were on at 8pm, TDWFTD said 8:30pm, and The Blueskies 9pm. So naturally I got there at 8. Sadly no one else did. I practically had the place to myself. Which was odd, because TDWFTD were already tuning up.

So I ordered a non-alcoholic drink, the barman looked at me like I was some kind of freak, and I sat down to watch the guys plug in their reverb pedals. At 8:25pm they launched into one of their songs, I took the photo above, and my feet started tapping away to the melodic sounds of doom math. Three minutes later they stopped, put their jackets on and walked off, at which point I realised I'd been getting down and funky to the soundcheck.

I'm not saying the next forty-five minutes were dull, but when you're sitting on your own in a pub where the next oldest person looks about 21, and most of the girls would need ID to get into a youth club, the time does start to drag a little. I would have killed for a glimpse of :Kinema:'s colons, but sadly no one took to the stage. Not even The Blueskies appeared on the horizon.

It's a DealFortunately, at 9:15pm, just as I was beginning to think EastEnders would have been more entertaining, The Deal Was For The Diamond reappeared, and played an excellent 30-minute set. I know Lisa wasn't overly impressed when we saw them back in November (she used the words "dreadful racket"), but I really do think these guys are stunning. Maybe you have to be a serious muso (like myself) to appreciate them, but I could honestly listen to their music all day. Possibly with a short break for lunch. The tragedy is that they'll probably never be successful. You don't tend to get a lot of prog-rock instrumentalists topping the charts.

Anyway, I happen to think they're brilliant, and well worth the price of admission (if it hadn't been free). The best news though is that they're not playing in Brighton again until February 21st. So I've got a good thirteen days till my next crisis.