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Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas is such a joyful time...

Joy to the World
That's my brother and niece having the time of their lives on Boxing Day. Frankly they're as high as kites. Which, having watched them for about twenty minutes, appears to be roughly six feet off the ground.

But still, at least one person's still smiling...

Hot Dog
That's because she's the only member of the family who got wheeled to the park in a thermal sleeping bag. The rest of us are still struggling to feel our fingers. Frankly if Ranulph Fiennes thinks he's had it tough, he should try half an hour in Chelmsford without a hat. My face was so frozen I could barely ask my Mum to give me her gloves.

As for Christmas Day, well that was a roaring success. I'd managed to find my Dad the perfect gift, so I was naturally delighted to discover that my brother had found it too and managed to give it to him first. Then there was the gift I bought my brother, which broke as soon as he opened it. But it wasn't all bad. I was cheered up by my niece, who informed me that she knew exactly how brilliant two of my three presents were, because she'd already got them. Next year I'm giving everyone cash.