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Monday, December 22, 2008

I took Amelie to see the polar bears in Churchill Square yesterday...

I'm not sure what kind of gesture the seated one's supposed to be making, but I don't think it's suitable for children.

And talking of events not suitable for children, it was the annual Burning of the Clocks on Brighton seafront last night. Sadly it took place after Amelie's bedtime, so I had to go without her. Which was a shame, because she likes to watch Lisa in the kitchen, so she'd have felt at home with the smoke and flames.

Personally I chose to watch the spectacle from ground level at the edge of the beach in Madeira Drive (see the photo at the top of my blog), while the rest of Brighton lined up along the upper tiers. I have to say, it's a slightly chilling feeling to turn around and see a few thousand people staring at you from the shadows...

Ever feel like you're being watched?
It was like Dawn of the Dead, but with less sunshine.

Anyhoo, I'm due back at work in fifteen minutes, so there's no time to describe the event in detail, but to sum it up briefly:

A few people dressed as moths flapped around a two-berth tent with a lightbulb inside, while a load of people with illuminated cogs walked back and forth across the beach to the sound of some new age music, before setting fire to a piece of scaffolding shaped like Marble Arch, and letting off a few bangers.

Clocking Off
I'm hoping there won't be quite as many fireworks tonight - it's the pharmacy Christmas do at the local pub.