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Monday, December 29, 2008

They say you can learn a lot from your children. So Amelie's spent the day teaching me how to do butterfly shadow puppets...

The Butterfly Effect
Tomorrow we're moving on to the caterpillar dance.

Anyhoo, when I'm not staring at my daughter on the sofa, I've been outside in sub-zero temperatures trying to fit a new car stereo. Lisa gave it to me for Christmas, and very nice it is too. Obviously you can't connect it yourself without a master's degree in electrical engineering, but the good thing about having a mass of wires sticking out of a hole in your dashboard is that no one's likely to break into your car. On the downside, I run the risk of electrocution every time I reach for a Murray Mint.

So while I'm waiting for an appointment at Halfords, I took Lisa into Chelmsford this afternoon. And then back out again shortly afterwards. I'm not saying it was impossible to park, but the queue for the multi-storey stretched back to the Suffolk border, and the first thing we saw at the pay & display was a car with a fish sticker left on double yellow lines. Let's face it, when Christians start parking illegally, there can't be much hope for the rest of us.

So we gave up, and used the park & ride instead. I parked at my parents' house and forced my Dad to give us a lift.

And I'm glad I did, because betwen the two of us, we managed to bag a few bargains. Lisa spent most of her Next vouchers on half-price clothes for Amelie, and I scoured the charity shops for unwanted Christmas presents. The three of us are now suited and booted for 2009. Only one question remains unanswered:

Just what is a Chelmsford style nail?

Made in Essex
I'm guessing it's something which matches your stilettos.