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Friday, December 19, 2008

It's award-winning journalist and broadcaster, Carolyn Hitt!

It's a Hitt!No, I've never heard of her either. But apparently she's heard of me. No, really.

According to her agent's website, Miss Hitt is an avid rugby fan who has "written and presented television and radio series on the arts, popular culture, consumer issues, history and sport for Radio 4, BBC Radio Wales and ITV Wales". She's also a former Welsh Feature Writer of the Year and Features Editor of the Western Mail. Which I believe is how Dylan Thomas started.

Her agent sums it up nicely with these words: "Carolyn is one of Wales's most popular newspaper and magazine columnists". Which is a bit like saying I'm one of the best writers in Eastern Road.

Anyhoo, it's amazing the things you discover when you're idly searching for yourself on Google. It turns out that Carolyn and I crossed paths more than two years ago. Only I wasn't aware of it until last night. On 30th October 2006, the Western Mail in Cardiff published an article about blogging, in which their esteemed Features Editor said this:

"But more usually blogs take self-indulgence to hitherto unimagined realms. Ponder the quite staggering inanity of Mulled Whines, the ramblings of an Ipswich-based blogger called Phil Gardner..."

STAGGERING INANITY??? Blimey, she really has read my blog. I suppose that's what you call a direct Hitt.

Of course, by the end of October 2006 I'd been living in Brighton for almost four months, so the article's not what you'd call a hundred percent accurate, but I expect she'd been researching it since the spring, when I still lived in Shotley Gate. Which isn't in Ipswich either.

Unfortunately I don't know what other pearls of wisdom Carolyn had to share about me with the people of Wales, because the only website where I can find a copy of the article is this one (you might have to scroll down a bit), and they want my credit card details before they'll let me read more than three sentences.

But still, it's nice to get a mention. Even from the Welsh. Although I don't know how she can call me self-indulgent - I've just written an entire blog post about her.