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Sunday, April 19, 2009

The good thing about Amelie going for a mid-morning nap on a Sunday is that I get to spend some quality time with Chloe...

It's amazing the way the eyes follow you around the room. And the dragon's not bad either.

Anyhoo, ignore the sound of Lisa pureeing baby food in the background, the most productive thing to take place in the Gardner household this morning was the craft project undertaken by me and Chloe. Who says I don't get important things done at the weekend? In the time it took Amelie to fall asleep to the sound of a Winnie the Pooh mobile, Chloe and I successfully downloaded a dragon, cut it out, stuck it together, and had the whole thing up on YouTube before Amelie could say "wahhhhhhh".

The really spooky thing is not that the dragon bears my name, it's that it has Chloe's ears. And it doesn't matter how much Amelie tries to look like a tortoise, she can't compete with that.