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Monday, April 20, 2009

Roger Bannister eat your heart out...

If there's one thing that film proves (apart from the fact that I'll go a long way in search of a toilet) it's that we need to start looking for a buggy with better suspension. And a spirit level. Or maybe it's Amelie's fault for not holding the camera still. I think she was too busy stuffing her socks into her mouth to worry about framing the shot.

But anyhoo, as the shaky footage above demonstrates, I don't just spend quality time with my cat, I also push Amelie at high speed along the seafront on a Sunday afternoon. She puts in an appearance at 2:43 if you're wondering. Blink and you'll miss it.

We started our four minute mile at Duke's Mound (with our backs to the naturist beach), walked down to Madeira Drive, stifled a few yawns at the 55th UK Coach Rally, and ended up on the pier, where we resisted the temptation to buy doughnuts, passed the music venue where I performed to a sell-out crowd in 2005, then nobly bypassed the ice cream kiosk and headed into the Gents. I stopped filming at that point.

As for today, well I abandoned my usual Brighton General stomping ground, and instead spent the afternoon working in the pharmacy at the Royal Sussex. It was like a cultural exchange programme, but with very little culture and no one going back the other way. I considered doing some secret filming while I was there, but to be honest, the biggest scandal I could find was the lack of clean mugs in the break room, and I wasn't sure Panorama would be interested. Although they do like a storm in a teacup. So I kept my head down and tried to look like I knew what I was doing. It seemed to work. They've asked me to go back again tomorrow.