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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

I may have eaten Amelie's one and only Easter egg at the weekend, but the good news is she's been given another one...

She only has to see a cute chick and she gets all excited. She's so like her father. The egg's not actually edible, but needless to say she won't let that stop her shoving it into her mouth. Lisa's been force-feeding her pear puree for the past two days and she needs something to take the taste away.

Anyhoo, I'd like to thank our friends S & A for the furry egg. They've already provided Amelie with a singing cat, a cuddly cow and a magic wand, so they're saving me a fortune in toys. But this one's the most educational yet, because as everyone knows, baby chicks can do maths.

As for today, I spent the morning eating lemon tart and carrot cake with the Chief Pharmacist. Well, I say the Chief Pharmacist. She actually retired yesterday, so technically I was just chatting to a pensioner. She said "I can't believe you're leaving", I said "You're a fine one to talk", then she showed me a photo of herself dressed as Maggie Simpson. I'll miss the woman. Well, I'll miss her cakes.

And on the subject of little old ladies in hospital, Lisa and I visited her Aunt in the Royal Sussex last night. She's been in there since Friday, and she's more poorly than we realised. As a septuagenarian with no computer, the chances of her reading this are slim, but she's one of the loveliest people you could ever wish to meet, and she's desperate to see Amelie grow up, so I'd just like to tell her to get well soon.