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Monday, April 27, 2009

I think I'll save this video for when Amelie's fourteen and her friends come round...

That's about as intelligent as the conversation gets around here.

Anyhoo, I realise I haven't blogged since Friday, but before anyone panics, no, I haven't been to Mexico for the weekend. I did spend a day there in 2006 though, and frankly if you're mad enough to visit the place, swine flu is the least of your problems. It's the iguanas you need to worry about.

In reality, my absence has been due to my involvement in a horrific crash which took place yesterday afternoon and left me without most of my faculties. Yes, that's right, my computer stopped working. It was carnage. And particularly annoying because it meant I couldn't blog about the spring cleaning I did on Saturday. But the good news is that having carried out open heart surgery on my hard drive for a few hours, and considered phoning Gary Glitter for the number of a PC repair shop, I eventually got the thing up and running at about 10pm last night, just in time for Lisa to check all her bids on Ebay. She's never been so grateful.

As for today, well I spent my lunch hour with the third person on this list. He's "involved with trials of pupil size", so I expect he carries out a lot of eye queue tests, but the reason for our meeting today was for him to impart unto me his knowledge of diabetic retinopathy. I haven't actually started my new job yet, due to the fact that Occupational Health want to have me vaccinated against a range of hideous diseases before they'll let me meet the public, but my future boss thought I might like to attend a meeting of diabetes experts to see what I'm letting myself in for.

So I sat in an examination room for an hour with eight nurses and a consultant, keeping an eye on some retinal photographs. It was all quite interesting, and we were allowed to eat our lunch as we listened, but when the diabetes expert next to you denounces the concept of sugar in tea, you do kind of wish you hadn't taken jam sandwiches.