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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

I took the afternoon off work today to look after Amelie while Lisa went to visit her aunt in hospital. It gave me the chance to do a hospital visit of my own, by dropping into the HR department on the top floor of the Sussex Eye Hospital, where I handed in my Criminal Records Bureau disclosure form and asked them to let me photograph children. Well, the retinas of diabetics over 12. They accepted my request, asked to see my passport, and said they'd get back to me. To be honest, it was all pretty much the same as my visit on February 11th last year, except that I'm more tired these days and can't make it sound as funny.

So with promotion imminent, Amelie and I headed across town to Argos, where we picked up a new vacuum cleaner for eighty quid. Frankly my old one sucks, but not in the way it's meant to, and I need something to pick up all the pureed food that Amelie spits onto the carpet. She's still unconvinced of the tastiness of pear and potato, but the good news is that she tried some organic apple yesterday and loved it. At least that's what Lisa told me.

So at half past eight this morning, with Amelie strapped into the feeding hot-seat, Lisa called me over with the words "Come and see how much Amelie loves apple!". Which is the very definition of tempting fate.

What really gets me is the look of desperation in her eyes which says "Help me, Daddy"...

I should add that Lisa only gave me permission to publish that video on condition that I remove the embarassing audio of her making ridiculous noises. So if you could turn the volume down on your speakers, I'd be grateful.