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Thursday, April 09, 2009

I think bunny ears are the new black...

Putting the 'ear' back into 'bear'.They seem to suit anyone. Frankly if they came in my size I'd be wearing them to work.

As it happens, that aural extravaganza was given to me outside the pharmacy stores last night by the Backswing Boy from Monday's post. He bought them in the Eastbourne Arndale Centre when he should have been working. To be honest, I think he only gave them to Amelie because he couldn't get them on himself. I'm just surprised he didn't keep them for his cat.

But Easter gifts aside, my employers are currently planning for a 'Flu Pandemic or Major Incident'. Which is reassuring. They hand-delivered a questionnaire to my flat yesterday afternoon, so they've obviously twigged that I live just across the road from the hospital, and see me as being ideally placed to respond to a nuclear attack by walking to work in a fallout suit.

Aside from asking if I can still make it in for 9am if the country runs out of petrol, the questionnaire also asks if I have any 'unqualified skills' which could be put to good use in an emergency. As it happens, I'm unqualified in all sorts of areas, so I was tempted to tick most of the boxes, especially the one about "unqualified midwifery". I survived a tsunami in the birthing pool when Amelie was born, so I think I could deliver a baby with flu.

To be honest though, I'd rather the UK's fuel supplies didn't dry up in the near future, because I've just bought myself a new car. I know, first the vacuum cleaner and now this. Anyone would think I've got a new job. I actually went to the same dealer who supplied my previous car. They treat me like a son there, and make sure I get a good deal. Possibly because they're my parents.

Yes, just twelve weeks after taking ownership of my Mum's car, I've had enough, and insisted on buying my Dad's. If this one's no good, I'll be on to my brother. Anyway, it's only two years old instead of ten, so bearing in mind that it took me three days to ruin the old one, I reckon I can knacker this car in a fortnight.