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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Anyone who's been ploughing through this stuff for more than half a decade, will remember with great fondness the time I first met Lisa's father. It was five years ago today. I remember it as if it was yesterday. And I always said I'd go back there tomorrow.

Well the good news is that just 260 weeks (and about fifteen hundred blog posts) later, that day has finally arrived. We're driving up to Sheffield this morning to do it all again. Obviously we've expanded as a family since then (I'm referring to Amelie, not our waistlines), so there are three of us making the trip this time around. For that reason (and about a thousand others), we've decided not to inflict ourselves on Lisa's father and his wife, and have booked our own accommodation.

Everything's premier but the price. And the location.We're staying at the Premier Inn in Chesterfield. So I presume the room will have a sofa. According to the website, it's "Ideally located within easy reach of the M1. Local attractions include the Peak District". I've never heard the Peak District referred to as a 'local attraction' before. They make it sound like Disneyworld. Amelie's going to be very disappointed.

We're only staying for two nights, so we might not have time to peek at the local district, but it should give us ample opportunity to spend some quality time with Lisa's distant relatives. And let's face it, you don't get much more distant than Sheffield. No wonder we never hear from them.

We'll be back on Monday. If you hear miaowing, it'll be Chloe asking why nobody's fed her.