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Thursday, February 18, 2010

She's had it for less than a day, and I'm already worried about her computer use...

PC Whirled
I knew it was a mistake to install World of Warcraft.

But computer nerds aside, yesterday was February 17th, so naturally Lisa and I decided to celebrate Valentine's Day. We'd been planning to spice up our love life with a romantic pizza on Sunday night, but by 6pm we'd eaten the entire contents of Stefan & Andrew's kitchen, and couldn't face another carb crash. So we decided to put the deep pan on ice for a few days. But by last night, I was ready for something hot, saucy and tempting, so naturally I turned to Lisa. And asked her to order me a pizza.

We've been wanting to try a new place which has just opened around the corner from here, and which seems to cater for discerning, upwardly mobile young foodies like myself. It's called PizzaFace. And they do wild boar as a topping. It's just an invitation to pig out.

PizzaFace might only be down the road, but for people too inherently lazy to put on a pair of shoes, the good news is that they'll come to you. As they say on their website, "We do now offer delivery though, which is really taking off, especially amongst those that live within a minute's walk". Fortunately they're not talking about us there. I've timed it, and it takes a good ninety seconds. So I felt fully justified in ordering by phone.

Anyhoo, the swine flew around the corner in less than half an hour, and I was soon pigging out on boar and pancetta. And very nice it was too. In addition to going wild about boar, we also went the whole hog and ordered dessert. Which turned out not to be quite what we expected. We actually went for Booja Booja Stuff in a Tub, which is hard to order over the phone without sounding like you're taking the mickey.

We assumed it was ice cream, but it turned out to be a non-dairy, soya-free frozen dessert made from water, cactus juice and cashew nuts. It's a lot nicer than it sounds. We selected the one with a fourth ingredient: fresh root ginger. Lisa wasn't keen - she prefers something with a stronger taste of cholesterol, and likes to feel her arteries clogging with every mouthful, but personally I loved it. It simultaneously burns your mouth and freezes your tongue. So as someone who likes to blow hot and cold, I'll definitely be ordering it again.