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Monday, February 01, 2010

Reining in cats and dogs, and rubbing in Savlon weren’t the only things we did over the weekend. We also booked a holiday. Oh yes indeed. And not just any holiday. Some people settle for the Seychelles or the south of France. We’ve plumped for four nights in a caravan off the M5. Apparently it’s Britain’s nicest motorway.

We’re actually heading for the sunny Somerset town of Burnham-on-Sea. It’s a popular resort. That’s ‘resort’ as in ‘last’. But the good news is we’re not suffering it alone. We’re taking Lisa’s mother with us. As Lisa said to me only the other day, “she loves a bit of hardship”, so frankly this place should be right up her street.

For a while now (and when I say ‘while’, I mean about five years) Lisa’s been saying that she’d like us to take her Mum on a little holiday. Well, what she actually said was “I wish someone would take my mother away for a few days”, but I think that’s what she meant. Unfortunately my future mother-in-law is not a woman well suited to luxury. Or holidays. Or anything which involves other people spending money on her. So we’ve never got around to organising anything. But now we’re in a position where we could really use a live-in babysitter, the timing seems perfect.

So having considered our options, we’ve rejected a holiday haven in favour of a Haven Holiday, and booked a week in May at the Burnham-on-Sea Holiday Village. They've got a Little Cubs Club for Amelie and a water slide for Lisa's Mum. So Lisa and I should be able to spend a bit of quality time on our own, sampling the region's Cheddar and drinking non-alcoholic scrumpy. In addition to the on-site attractions, Burnham-on-Sea is also home to the shortest pier in Britain. So there's somewhere for Lisa's Mum to take a long walk. Personally I can't wait. Although I probably should have booked the time off work before I paid for the holiday.

Oh, and if anyone's concerned about the state of Amelie's face, I'm pleased to report that she now looks less like Leslie Ash and more like Angelina Jolie. It's a definite improvement.