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Saturday, February 06, 2010

It's Lisa and Amelie competing for the title of Happiest Member of the Family!

Happy Families
Obviously they both lost, because it's me. I just hide it well.

Anyhoo, if you're wondering what Amelie's wearing in that photo, it's a hooded dress.

Little Red Riding HoodYes, a hooded dress. They're available in all good hooded dress shops. I think they're primarily aimed at the young, fashion conscious girlie girl who wants to look chic and attractive whilst out happy-slapping. Let's face it, you don't want to appear dowdy when you're picking up your first ASBO.

This particular number was sourced by an old friend of Lisa's, who asked if she could pop around with a mystery gift for Amelie, and turned up with the mugging outfit on the left. It even has pockets for storing the purses of elderly victims. I'm not sure which branch of the criminal underworld she got it from, but I've always known she has connections to organised crime. She's married to an estate agent.

Anyhoo, as we speak, Lisa's out for the day with another friend. Possibly in the hope of receiving more gifts. We've barely had to clothe Amelie since the day she was born. If we could get people to give us food as well, we wouldn't have to spend more than a fiver a year on the girl.

So I'm in full charge of the little whirlwind for the rest of the day. At the moment, she's having her early afternoon nap, but I've promised Lisa that the moment I hear her crying, I'll get her up and take her out for the afternoon. So I'm sitting here with the living room door closed, the bedroom door closed, and a CD on continuous play at full volume. I should be safe until teatime.