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Monday, February 15, 2010

It's Amelie meeting her Valentine's date in a secret jungle location...

And what's more, they appear to be drinking. I'll have something to say when she gets home.

But dodgy suitors aside, Lisa and I celebrated Valentine's Day yesterday by going double-dating with our good friends Stefan and Andrew. Amelie played the gooseberry. As it happens, yesterday wasn't just Valentine's Day, it was also the 17th birthday of Brighton's best dressed cat, Linda. She's getting a bit old for wedding dresses now, so here she is in her birthday suit...

That's Amelie trying to give her the bumps.

We took Linda a cat toy and card, but by the time we got there, we'd already been upstaged by Andrew's sister. She'd sent flowers by Interflora.

Anyhoo, the trouble with Amelie is that she's very shy and reserved, and when faced with an unfamiliar environment, she can take hours to relax and be herself. Oh, who am I kidding. She had her feet up and a crisp in her hand within five minutes of walking through the door...

Make yourself at home.
Frankly she took the phrase 'all you can eat' to a whole new level yesterday afternoon. If she'd consumed any more salt, she could have been mistaken for Lot's wife. I felt like checking her blood pressure before we had dessert.

But the good news is that Amelie survived her three bowlfuls of crisps, two stuffed peppers and an artichoke, and successfully moved on to a main meal of chicken fajitas and cat biscuits (the latter wasn't officially on the menu). Between courses, she had time to try on a variety of interesting headgear...

Bright Eyes... including a Russian army hat made of genuine rabbit fur. It's a lot like wearing her bunny ears, but it brings out her bright eyes a lot more.

For dessert we were treated to a fruit loaf made in Stefan's new breadmaker. I'm not saying they've gone bread-crazy in recent weeks, but there's so much yeast in that flat, you'd need a crate of Canesten to clear it up. Their kitchen's like Kryptonite to Dr Atkins. But the good news is, by the time we left, we'd successfully proved that Amelie's not gluten-intolerant. Frankly she downed enough carbs to keep a marathon runner going for a week.

Hat TrickBut just when I thought the food couldn't be beaten (and I should know - I ate enough of it), Stefan and Andrew played their trump card and presented us with two of the nicest gifts we've had since... well, since the last time they presented us with gifts. Lisa and I received the official DVD of the gospel concert we attended in December, along with an assurance that it contains exclusive footage of us dancing, while Amelie received a very special piece of jewellery in a presentation box.

If you click on the first photo above, and examine the jungle with a magnifying glass, you'll see that Amelie has a pretty silver bangle on her right wrist. You'll also see that if she collects one bangle every year, she'll have as many as her Uncle Andrew by the time she retires. It was a very generous gift. And it made me regret buying Linda's present in the pound shop.