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Monday, February 08, 2010

I made some biscuits this evening using a packet of WeightWatchers Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix. They're only half a point each, which is obviously marvellous news. On the downside, the recipe assumes you can get sixteen cookies out of one packet, which to be honest would only be possible if you were making them for The Borrowers or someone from Lilliput. For any normal person, the mix makes approximately two cookies. But I showed willing, and formed the dough into nine biscuits, which Lisa and I decided to count as one point each. I then baked them for twelve minutes, cooled them for two, and we ate half each in about thirty seconds flat. We might as well have shared a bar of chocolate.

Having binged on diet food, I then attempted to take my mind off eating by browsing through some old photos on the computer while Lisa fell into a chocolate-induced coma in front of Coronation Street. That was when I came across this photo which I took three weeks ago in Hove...

Where's the snow?
Obviously I was intending to photograph the sunset, but it's only now I look at the picture that I realise I've actually captured a man about to attack an old lady with a fat rat...

He's got a guinea pig on his head too.
That's how the Great Plague started in 1665. Frankly swine flu is the least of our worries. I'm checking myself for buboes.